The Legend of Pink Meth

Twas the night before speedmas and all through the house. There was plenty of druggies, even the mouse. They all shot up with plenty of speed. Alas there was the one, which drugs he did not need.

He awoke in the night, and then he did spoke: "All the meth and death is silly alike coke." And he ran to the kitchen where he found some speed. The very very special type which he knew as methampheed.

The man was good at business and worked with all that he took. He did decide that the best thing he could do was cook, cook, cook.

At the time of daybreak he was filled with glee! He poured pink food dye over all his meth, all the colors indeed! He knew it was new and could be sold for much more. Unfortunately, he later died, and the pink meth was no more!

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